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The 4me Workflow Automator

For smooth cross-enterprise workflow automation and easy integration with third-party systems.

Easily build and maintain integrations and automations

Two of the biggest challenges organizations face when automating workflows are selecting the right technology, and the scarcity of automation and integration specialists.

To help our customers overcome these challenges, we teamed up with Workato, a leading iPaaS vendor, to introduce the 4me Workflow Automator. The Workato platform is a low-code solution, which enables less technically inclined staff to build and maintain integrations and automations.

Over 1,000 connectors for common apps and data sources get you on your way quickly. The connector takes care of the connection and the authentication.

1,000 + connectors for common apps and data sources

Curious to find out how 4me can help you easily automate and orchestrate your enterprise workflows using one unified service management platform? We would love to tell you more!

Triggers and actions

Each connector comes with a set of triggers and actions which correspond to common activities or events for this data source or app.

Triggers specify the conditions that prompt a certain automation to happen automatically. Examples of triggers are events in an application like the creation of new contacts in a CRM solution. Triggers can also be based on a predefined schedule.

Actions relate to specific user actions in the data source or app. An example of an action is creating a new company in an application when a new contact is added.

Set up 4me Workflow Automator

Automation recipes

Automations consist of a combination of triggers, connectors, actions and conditions. A complete automation can easily be shared as a recipe within your organization, with suppliers or customers. Service providers or 4me partners can publish their recipes as Apps in the 4me App Store. Customers can then activate these recipes in their own accounts with a few clicks.

Consumption-based pricing

Customers are charged based on the number of connectors they have in use. An activated 4me Workflow Automator workspace includes the 4me connector, and after that, there is an extra charge for each additional connector that is used in production.

Want to learn more?

We would love to show you how 4me can meet your needs. Please submit your details and a 4me expert will contact you to discuss how 4me can help you easily automate and orchestrate your enterprise workflows in one unified platform.

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Company-wide service transparency and efficiency is achievable with 4me for IT, HR, Facilities and more.


4me enables organizations to quickly deliver on key service initiatives and to collaborate with service providers.

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