Learn more about 4me, SIAM and our unique approach to Service Management provision with our video briefings

Quick Overview of 4me’s Cohesive ITSM Functionality

In this video, service management architect Andy Richardson demonstrates the tight integrations between 4me’s features that support the Incident, Knowledge, Problem, Change and Configuration Management processes.

Auto Translation

4me’s Auto Translation feature can significantly improve efficiency by allowing enterprise employees and the experts who support them to work in their preferred language.

Introducing 4me

Cor Winkler Prins, 4me Founder and CEO, describes our founding vision and how 4me helps drive employee and enterprise productivity.

Selective Outsourcing & Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Cor Winkler Prins, 4me Founder and CEO, explores the increase in selective outsourcing and the importance of specialization to both employees and enterprises.

The SIAM Solution for Successful Outsourcing

4me makes communication between service providers seamless and secure – not just within your organisation and with your MSPs, but also between the MSP’s. 4me supports the SIAM model, allowing the service integrator function to effectively ensure quality of service for your organization.

SDI Online Software Showcase

Andy Richardson, Service Management Architect at 4me, discusses SIAM with Scarlett Bayes from the Service Desk Institute (SDI).

Enterprise Service Collaboration with Lightning Performance

4me is built for speed from the ground up. Unlike typical toolbox ITSM applications, 4me addresses fundamental user challenges faced by SIAM and complex service environments. Our approach to solution development and a focus on speed and ease of use enables organizations to concentrate on using the system to gain advantages and get a return on investment more quickly.

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