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Service North 2022

For the fourth year in a row, 4me were delighted to sponsor and present at the world’s leading SIAM conference – Service North in April 2022. In this video you can listen to Martijn Adams, Chief Customer Office, 4me deliver his Keynote session: Setting up a SIAM system of record and catch the 15 min Q&A 


SRVISION, is the leading service management event in the Netherlands. 4me is proud to sponsor this event for the third time in a row.

Tom Van der Aa, Chief Digital Officer, from Circet Benelux and Richard Moeliker, Director ICT, from Stern talk about their experience with 4me.

4me Project Management in the Service Management Process 

(German Speaking)

Experience real project management practice: project templates, project planning, resource planning, task processing in self-service, baseline management, project budget vs. booked costs and time, earned value management.

4me Jira Integration in 20 Minutes

4me invites you watch this 20 Minute Webinar recording in which we talk to our partner Expertize about why this App was developed and how customers can benefit from the integration between 4me and Jira.. We also discuss the “real-life benefits,” including the auditing potential delivered in the 4me ESM Valantic GmbH project.

4me for MSPs – From Easy Onboarding to Transparent Cost Tracking

To deliver outstanding service to their customers, managed service providers (MSPs) need to implement and onboard quickly, reduce costs and full insight and transparency of their services. Emile Fourie @ Dimension Data, and Jo Geeraets @ Ordina share their experiences using 4me and the benefits they have been able to pass on to their customers.

4me Product Enhancements for April 2022

Welcome to this video highlighting the key enhancements and capabilities that have been introduced to the 4me platform for the month of April 2022.

Why 4me is special – a 30 minute public demo

In this webinar recording you will see first hand how 4me works and what makes it so special. We introduce you to a platform that differs significantly from other service management tools. Martijn Adams, Chief Customer Officer, and Andy Richardson, Service Management Architect, discuss 4me’s service centric approach with full transparency on service cost, quality and experience, fast and easy integration of service providers, our Enterprise Service Management readiness and much more.

Blindflug beenden – Servicekosten einfach & schnell erfassen (German)

Costs are an important management tool. The more precisely you know your costs, the better you can act. In this webinar Robert Sieber, former CIO and service management expert, shows how quickly and pragmatically you can achieve a detailed and source-based cost breakdown in IT with the help of meaningful service definitions. Michael Wilken, Service Management Architect at 4me, demonstrates how costs can be tracked in a feasible manner.

Customer Story: Enabling Business Critical Support in Financial Services

Find out why so many companies around the world are choosing 4me’s Complete Service Management platform. Hear the full story from the CEO of a market leader in the provision of high-performance enterprise solutions for electronic trading. Rapid Addition Limited and CIH Solutions Ltd share their challenges and experiences in this 45 minute webinar recording.

Live hack “4me Integriert Jira and ServiceNow” (German speaking)

Erleben Sie, wie 4me es ermöglicht, andere Service Management Tools in den Service Prozess zu integrieren. 4me bietet als einziger Hersteller eine toolübergreifende Ende zu Ende SLA Messung. Dank der Lomnido Enterpise Service Bus Technologie können andere Service Management Tools in wenigen Minuten mit 4me integriert werden.

Complete Service Management Platform

A brief introduction to the 4me Complete Service Management Platform and why it is different.

Project Resource Planning in 4me

A run through of Project Planning in 4me with Andy Richardson, Service Management Architect at 4me.

ITSM-Tool Meetup 21 (German)

Head 2 Head Talk “Trends in Service Management Tool-Markt” with Patterson Howard, Sales Director DACH.

Vitality’s Experience with 4me

The selection and implementation process of 4me at Vitality.

Quick Overview of 4me’s Cohesive ITSM Functionality

In this video, service management architect Andy Richardson demonstrates the tight integrations between 4me’s features that support the Incident, Knowledge, Problem, Change and Configuration Management processes.

Auto Translation

4me’s Auto Translation feature can significantly improve efficiency by allowing enterprise employees and the experts who support them to work in their preferred language.

Introducing 4me

Cor Winkler Prins, 4me Founder and CEO, describes our founding vision and how 4me helps drive employee and enterprise productivity.

Selective Outsourcing & Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Cor Winkler Prins, 4me Founder and CEO, explores the increase in selective outsourcing and the importance of specialization to both employees and enterprises.

The SIAM Solution for Successful Outsourcing

4me makes communication between service providers seamless and secure – not just within your organisation and with your MSPs, but also between the MSP’s. 4me supports the SIAM model, allowing the service integrator function to effectively ensure quality of service for your organization.

SDI Online Software Showcase

Andy Richardson, Service Management Architect at 4me, discusses SIAM with Scarlett Bayes from the Service Desk Institute (SDI).

Enterprise Service Collaboration with Lightning Performance

Andy Richardson, Service Management Architect at 4me, discusses SIAM with Scarlett Bayes from the Service Desk Institute (SDI).

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