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AI’s Transformation of Service Management

In this paper, we explore how to leverage AI to improve efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. We provide a detailed examination of AI’s capabilities and potential dangers, real-world service management use cases, and 4me’s AI strategy, which enables customer control of how and where AI is leveraged, ensuring effective risk management, compliance, and data privacy.

The Principles of Workflow Automation

Besides excellent technology, successful workflow automation requires strong governance and a structured, consistent approach. This white paper provides important principles for orchestrating and automating workflows using the 4me platform. With the release of the 4me Workflow Automator, 4me now provides all the required capabilities for end-to-end workflow automation.

The Business View of Cross-Functional Workflow and IT Automation

IT automation is either a competitive advantage or a competitive gap. The difference is in adoption and execution. After all, if one company can operate faster and more efficiently than another, they have an advantage in execution and margin over its less automated peers. That gap is clearly visible in the response of 400+ global IT leaders EMA asked to estimate the percentage of IT tasks that use automation.

How to Take the Work Out of Workflows

This white paper discusses why the service management solution of an organization is the ideal foundation for enterprise workflow automation. We also explain the relevant functionalities of 4me for easy integration with automation solutions.

Service Concept

Understanding The Role of Services in Service Management
In this white paper, we work towards a clear and workable definition of a service. We also discuss a number of related concepts that increase the applicability of services in practice.

On and Offboarding

The Benefits of Enterprise Service Management
“There is no second chance for a first impression.” This white paper looks at the benefits of enterprise service management for on and offboarding.

4me & USM: A Powerful Combination

This whitepaper provides an overview of Unified Service Management and how 4me supports the USM principles and workflows.

Rethinking the Service Desk

9 Practical Improvements to Increase Efficiency
The service desk has a major influence on customer satisfaction and how the service organization is perceived. This whitepaper covers nine improvements you could make to your service management application to further empower and improve your service desk.

4me and the Pharmaceutical Industry

How 4me Supports GAMP Standards
Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP®) guidelines are used by the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that medicines are manufactured to the required quality. This paper shows how 4me provides a complete solution for all GAMP requirements in the ITIL and Enterprise Service Management environment.

Scopism Global SIAM Survey 2021

This white paper presents the results from the SIAM practitioner survey, carried out by Scopism in 2021. The survey results are based on the responses from more than 200 SIAM practitioners from around the world and help build a picture of SIAM maturity and adoption.

IT Service Cost Tracking Impact:
Research Findings

4me commissioned EMA to undertake a completely independent research initiative to present an objective snap¬shot of IT service cost tracking today. EMA explored the current state of IT service cost tracking and practical views on organizational impact, cost savings, and uses of this information. They enlisted candid insights from 255 global IT leaders.

Service Cost Tracking in ITSM

The Missing Link Between IT Service Quality and Business Value

Most IT organizations can report the quality of a service and detail IT budgets along departmental or asset lines. However, the cost of providing a service as it is actually consumed by the organization is largely an unknown. This operational blind spot is the missing link when trying to determine the business value of a service. This EMA eBook shows how 4me bridges the great divide between IT service and corporate finance with a simple-to-use IT financial management capability that was built into its ITSM/ESM solution from the start.

Service Cost Tracking

This white paper discusses how to capture enterprise service costs and provide actionable management reporting.

Extending ITSM Capabilities to Include Information Security Management

With the growing need for enterprises to comply with data protection legislation and security standards comes the need to set up a system to support and monitor the data protection and security procedures. This article investigates if it is a good idea to use the existing IT service management (ITSM) system or enterprise service management (ESM) system for this purpose and identifies the functionality an ITSM system should have to be successful in this domain.

The Key to Increased Self-Service Adoption

This white paper looks at how enterprise organizations can turn their self-service portal into the most valuable resource for their employees.

Taking your multi-Vendor Ecosystem to the Next Generation

“In contrast to many other SIAM/ITSM software vendors that see SIAM as an extension to ITSM, 4me’s product architects, from the very beginning, acknowledged that IT and other shared services need to be and will be delivered in a multi-vendor approach. As a result, the company is solely dedicated to offer service management products for such multi-vendor environments.”

EMA Impact Brief

“4me’s one-stop self-service portal redefines enterprise service, boosting ITSM and employee productivity.”

SIAM FOCUS – 6 Features Every SIAM-Compliant Service Management System Must Have

Many enterprise service management tools claim to be SIAM compliant, but most are not. This white paper explains which requirements must be met to be SIAM compliant and how this can be tested.

Service-Oriented Data Structure

Where most service management tools talk a lot about services in their marketing collateral, in the tool itself there is not a separate record type for services. This paper looks at how to provide accurate, real-time, management information that can be broken down by service.

5 Ways to Significantly Improve Your Service Desk

This paper looks at how IT services are sourced, delivered, and supported and the impact these changes have on IT service desk operations, in particular on what it means for the IT service management (ITSM) tools used to deliver IT support.

Tooling Up for Service Desk Outsourcing

When an organization decides to outsource its first-line IT support, it will need to ask the question: Which service management tool will the service desk analysts use? This white paper looks at the possible choices.

Scopism Global SIAM Survey 2018

This white paper presents the results from the first SIAM practitioner survey, carried out by Scopism in 2018. The survey results are based on the responses from more than 200 SIAM practitioners from around the world and help build a picture of SIAM maturity and adoption.

Moving Beyond Multi-Tenancy

Multi-tenancy refers to a single instance of a software application that is used by multiple customers. Several enterprise service management applications enable multiple support departments to share a single installation of the application. This paper explores the reasons why organizations decide to make use of multi-tenancy, the issues they subsequently run into, and how they can avoid these problems using a more modern solution that makes better use of the cloud.

Why Global ITSM Initiatives Fail

Why is it so hard to get everyone using the same tool? This paper looks at three very simple reasons why things turn out so poorly and what can be done to avoid ending up with only a partial success.

SLA Target Calculation in 4me

The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief introduction to the calculation of targets for requests in the 4me application service.