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Easily Automate Enterprise Workflows

Automate and orchestrate your workflows using one unified platform.

Reduce Costs

Reduce human effort across your business, and reduce the cost of assets by automatically revoking unused licenses, and retiring obsolete computing environments.

Increase Delivery Speed

Automate workflows to respond quickly to requests and opportunities. Eliminate delays and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Eliminate Risk

Ensure compliance with laws, policies, and regulations. Minimize human access to sensitive information, lowering risks of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Orchestrate and automate

In any enterprise, collaboration is key. Actions must be performed in a certain sequence to achieve the expected result and workflows may cross multiple teams, departments or suppliers.

Workflows are ideal candidates for automation. Automating tasks improves predictability and consistency, leading to an increase in perceived quality. But where to start? And how do you stay in control? 4me provides all the required capabilities to successfully orchestrate and automate your enterprise workflows.

Use 4me as the center of automation orchestration

Workflows are defined, registered, coordinated, monitored, and reported in 4me. All steps, including those that will be automated, are defined as tasks. When these tasks are activated in 4me, the relevant automation recipes are triggered. The result of the automation is recorded in the task. This makes 4me the central hub for enterprise workflow automation. A single place to monitor progress, costs, performance and customer satisfaction.

Leverage your existing automation investments

Most organizations already have several automations in place. These automations are often point-to-point solutions and lack orchestration and transparency. Orchestrating your existing solutions with 4me will put you back in control and helps leverage your current automation investments.

“The webshop functionality is particularly great for MSPs like us. It is one of the main features for many customers. perinova will use it for the deployment of applications, among others. We are developing an App catalog that provides customers with more information about the apps and their costs, if there are any. In the background, there can be a workflow to obtain approval from management.”

Markus Gonser,  Lead Consultant ITSM/ESM at perinova

The 4me Workflow Automator

Two of the biggest challenges organizations face when automating workflows are selecting the right technology, and the scarcity of automation and integration specialists.

To help our customers overcome these challenges, we teamed up with Workato, a leading iPaaS vendor, to introduce the 4me Workflow Automator. The Workato platform is a low-code solution, which enables less technically inclined staff to build and maintain integrations and automations.

Over 1,000 connectors for common apps and data sources get you on your way quickly. The connector takes care of the connection and the authentication.

Over 1,000 connectors for common apps and data sources.

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Company-wide service transparency and efficiency is achievable with 4me for IT, HR, Facilities and more.


4me enables organizations to quickly deliver on key service initiatives and to collaborate with service providers.

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